Thursday, January 5, 2012

Salt Life Pilot Whales | Whale watching pictures

Whale watching is also part of the Salt Life. One of the first things I saw when I was out on the water this monthin New Zealand was this group of Pilot Whales. It was almost as ifthey were waiting for us to come back down and visit.The first day they were in the distance and what I thought was 3 or four medium sized adults quickly revealed itself to be a large group with everything from little babies to old scarred up bulls with chunksmissing out of their fins from some fight or encounter with a kraken. It was a few days before I saw them again. This time the little guys were were being helped along by their stronger family members and despite the rough seas had figured out a way to get a good breath on their own without having to be pushed to the surface by their big brother or sister.At first I thought the little guys were trying to jump but all that they were able to get out of the water was their heads and sometimes up to about their fins. Other whales "spyhop" where they just pop their heads up to look around. I've seen Killer Whales do this in the arctic when there is only a small spot in the ice open for them to actually even reach the surface. The Orcas are usually doing it because they want to see if the Seals and penguins are around so they can snatch a little snack later and honestly having watched them do this, I seriously think they do it to just to terrorize them.
Well these little guys, I can only imagine, were having trouble getting air to their tiny blowholes so they were spyhopping to get a proper breath in the growing seas. Cute as can be.

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