Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Team Salt Life Welcomes Chuck Wicks!

Chuck Wicks hit the Nashville music scene in 2007 with his Top 5 hit, “Stealing Cinderella.”  Follow-up singles included “All I Ever Wanted,” “Man of the House,” and “Old School” – the latter of which spent 15 consecutive weeks on the GAC Top 20 Countdown.
Following his early successes, Wicks decided to take some time to focus on writing and get back to the simplicities of life he learned while growing up and working on a potato farm in small town Smyrna, Del.  Wicks’ love for hunting and the outdoors has landed him on multiple Outdoor Channel hunting shows and vignettes.  His passion for music and hunting combined for the Pursuit Channel’s “Huntin’ On Empty,” where Wicks wrote and performed the theme song and was both a featured hunter on the program and served as part of their Pro Hunting Staff.  Now, Wicks hosts his own show on the Outdoor Channel, “The Hunt Club.”
Wicks was recently featured on GAC’s Top 20 Countdown which is set to air next month.
Check out Chuck Wicks on the release of his new EP today! Check it out and download his new single "Salt Life" on iTunes here!