Sunday, May 19, 2013

Quepos Kids Dock Tournament & Rooster Fishing

We're back in Quepos, Costa Rica for the Quepos Kids Dock Tournament!
Half the town is here helping out today.... and the fish are biting!

Trigger fish after Trigger fish where brought over the rail as fast as the kids could pull them in!
Big smiles everywhere!
Do ya' think he's having fun? This is what it's all about!
There's just no place quite like Costa, what a great place to take a breath.......
    I love it here!         

With the help of Pez Vela Marina, we decided to grab a John Paul and Josue from the dock tournament and and go catch a few Roosterfish and film a Hook the Future episode!
I'd say Jahn Paul was happy about his first Rooster!

Team work on the boat helped Josue land this monster mid day!
Let's get the lines back in and catch another...... What a fishery!

One after another... Roosterfish and jacks.... I bet John Paul and Josue couldn't tell you how many fish they've caught today.........

What a unique fish, and they fight hard ! 
Roosters are must catch for the traveling angler...

Another healthy release! Man, what a day!
Slimy 5's to all of the sponsors and volunteers who made the Quepos Kid's Dock Tournament a huge sucess, and to Marina Pez Vela for helping us put two young men on the fish of their dreams!
Awesome fishing with new friends in an exotic location and another great Hook the Future episode in the can.......
Livin the Salt Life.... Everyday!
Capt Don