Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Arenal... or bust

Still in Costa, trying to get a little surfing in between the fishing trip.....
It wasn't crowded, but there was one guy hogging all the waves! 
 He knows how to fish too!
 You know what.... maybe this would be a good day to head inland and check out the Arenal Volcano. 
A road side welcoming party!

He's lovin' the Macedamia nuts!

So we get a great room at the fooot of the Volcano and the weather's so bad we couldn't even see it!
Oh, well changer of plans, lets make the best of it and hit La Fortuna Waterfalls..... 

After a short hike through the jungle, the first waterfall!
Then the main falls.... 

Almost like being there............After a relaxing night at the natural hot springs, it's time to run from the clouds and head back to the beach!

Now this is more like it.... poolside, just off the beach at  Marea Brava in Playa Hermosa

But we still managed to visit one more waterfall!
Another Pacific Sunset........
Pacific Ocean, black sand beach, big orange ball.......another day........
 Livin' the salt life,

Capt Don