Friday, June 7, 2013

Fishing With Bouncer Smith, Out of Miami

We've been trying to get down to Miami and shoot a Hook the Future episode with my friend Capt. Bouncer Smith for years, and today it's happening! Bouncer is a fishing legend! He's certainly earned that title, putting anglers on the fish of their lives day after day.... year after year. Some days you just know are gonna' be great... it's today!

A behind the scenes look at Austin with his hands full on the first drop!
 Austin found out first hand Capt. Bouncer knows where the big ones are......

Nice AJ! Our anglers Austin and Hunter have their work cut out for them today.

Here we go again..... Hang on, Austin!

Another great fishing memory with Capt Bouncer! Now that's a big AJ!

 I think we've beat up our anglers on the big AJ's enough
to go chase something a little tastier for dinner.

 Lovin' the new Salt Life gear! Perfect for hot days on the water!

 Double hook up! First mate Abe and I were able to sit back and watch these guys put 'em in the boat!

Talking about the differences in grouper with Hunter and Austin.
A gag, a scamp and a red..... the grouper slam! Dinner is looking good now!

Check this out! A live eel that came out of the red grouper! 
You never know what you'll sea out here!

Get him Hunter!  Reel, Reel Reel!

 These guys fish all the time and are very experienced in offshore fishing........

 So I guess I shouldn't be impressed with all the fish
 they kept pulling over the side.....

Another good one!

 Hang on Austin! What have you got now?

 A bonita! Man, can they make a drag scream! Nice job

What a day! I'm sure it will be a trip long remembered by all aboard. I gotta' say...I had a great time today. Not only because I was finally able to spend some time on the water with Bouncer and Abe,  and watch two fine fishermen work hard all day puttin' them in the boat......

But also sharing the boat with two young men of such fine character! 
You always here about the bad teenagers... well I'm here to tell you there are a lot of goods ones out there. 
 We fished with two of them today.Hunter and Austin can fish my boat anytime.

A little time to reflect on a very blessed day! 
Awesome weather, big fish, tasty fish, awesome anglers and great friends...... 
Yea, This is the Salt LIfe!

Capt Don