Saturday, December 21, 2013

Costa Rica Grand Slam

                                       Hurry, hurry, hurry. Make sure you have everything.....
                                                          Passport - check.
                                              Tackle bag, camera gear- check. 
                                       Leftover colones from the last trip to Costa - Check.....
                                                                Time to go! 
                                               It will all be worth it when we get there......

                                                   Just in time for the Hermosa sunset !

                                                          Ahh.... after a long day traveling,,,,, 
                                                              Finally, Deep Breaths.

                                    Coffee con leche' porfavor! 
So good I bring it back to the states, but it's just a little better in Costa..... 
                                          Like everything else!

                                   Time for a new jungle adventure .... 
                                      where are we going again?

                                                 Oh yea, the Bijagual Waterfalls... the tallest in Costa Rica.

Wow! Pictures just don't do this place justice.....

Three levels of cascading falls blasting cool spray through the hot jungle.... Nice!

                                   Another day in paradise! Endless summer is here......

Today is my birthday. My Costa buddies woke me up at 4 to drive across the country to do some white water rafting on the Pacuari River.

Class 4 rapids through amazing scenery in the middle of the jungle...Love it!
                   All in! Paddle, paddle, paddle... and stay in the boat!

After our awesome birthday adventure time to head back.
What a nice place to come home to at the Maria Bravo in Hermosa. It's private, on the beach, beautiful clean, roomy accommodations,  I really like it here.

                                      Not much of a swell today, but plenty of sand dollars!

                                                        Time for a smoothie... the real deal!

                                                   The best starfruit I've ever tasted...

Finally, what we're here for. To film another Hook the Future episode. 
Josh is an old pro fishing on Hook the Future and this is Tommy's first trip. 
It's gonna' be a good day.....

Second hit, a double header... Blue Marlin and a Sail!
Yea Man! That's how you start a fishing trip.....

After both boys catch a couple Marlin and a couple Sails ,each.... 
they started puttin' the hurt on some Dorados!

Another Sail... Reel Josh Reel!
What a day with Josh and first time fisherman, Tommy, aboard the Hoo's Your Daddy out of Los Suenos, with my buddy Capt Dana Thomas.

Another Blue boat side.... check out the shot Tommy got from my cell phone. 
This kid can catch big fish and get the shot! 
It was good to fish with Dana again. We've been friends for a long time. We've shot more HTF episodes aboard his boat than any other Captain always producing fish and a great show... but today topped them all 
the day ended with a Grand Slam ! 3 Blue Marlin, One Striped Marlin, 4 Sails and a bunch of Dorados.... Just epic!

                            Each trip to Costa is harder to leave than the last.
We are so blessed. Hangin' in paradise, chasing new adventures and sharing memories with a first time fisherman... it just doesn't get much better.

Time for one last sunset....
Livin' the Salt Life... Tican Style,

Capt Don