Monday, February 20, 2012

Worlds Largest Outboard Engine

I'm missing the Miami boat show this weekend and have heard the rumors about it after seeing them last year. Now they have them on the back of a few Intrepid boats and when you can do 65mph with a single engine in a 29ft boat and have all that extra room in the back it is something to get excited about.Around the world they laugh at Americans because of the bigger is better attitude... too bad. It's monstrous. It looks like nothing else on the market. This is the Salt Life! Imagine taking your best friends out in this thing! It is freaking cool as hell.

I don't think I'll be dropping $70k on one anytime soon but this will definitely open the doors for some cool new engines in the future and I'm sure we'll see some insane boats with them on the back of it in the coming months. Here is the advert from last years show:
Video on how its done and the pairing with Intrepid boats:

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