Friday, July 5, 2013

Mayport Princess

Today was a trip I've been looking forward to for a long time, and I'm sure I'll remember for a long time to come. A lot of people worked hard behind the scenes to make this trip possible..... 
But man, what a pay off! 
The Jacksonville Offshore Sport Fishing Club holds a Sheapshead Tournament every February called the El Cheepo. For the past couple of years the Hook the Future Foundation has been the benefiting charity from the event. We decided, this year the money raised in Mayport would stay in Mayport, so we chartered the Mayport Princess for the kids from the Jacksonville Marine Institute. 
We're gonna load the boat today!

                       I love head boat fishing! You never know what you're gonna' catch on the next drop.
                                                            A nice grouper for the box!

Check out this monster cobia that followed the baits all the way to the surface 
before chomping down on a piece of squid! 
                                                          Teamwork landed this fish.
                                              Seabass Beeliner.... the box is gaining variety....
Talking with Nathan Shoemaker about the great work the Marine Science Center has done over the years...

                                                          Another tasty sea bass!

                   Captain George Strait has been running a head boat out of Mayport for over 40 years!
                        Slimy 5's for introducing so many new anglers to the sport of fishing!
                  You can always count on Captain George for a good time and plenty of fish!
Hang on ... don't put this one over the rail! Like I said, 
you never know what you're gonna' catch an the Mayport Princess!
 Lot's of rail hugging goin' on today........... I like it!
                                                                       A nice AJ!

                            Captains and mates yelling, "Crank, Crank!" Kids whooping and hollering,
                                      big fish coming over the side and Slimy 5's everywhere!

                                                            Another good amberjack!
                                         Josh lands another bar jack earning another Slimy 5!
                                            Another alamaco jack comes over the rail!
Another good fish coming over the rail.

Nice Red Snapper!

Josh landed this Mule on the last drop of the day!

Talk about a boat load of happy anglers!

Hat's off to the Jacksonville Offshore Sport Fishing Club, The El Cheepo Tournament and the many donors who made todays trip possible. These kids had the trip of their lives and all brought home some pretty good table fair for dinner.
Big Slimy 5's to Capt. George and the crew of the Mayport Princess for delivering once again!
Salt Life began on a head boat for me, and I'm sure today there will be a few more teenagers chasing the Salt Life after today's experience.

Livin' the Salt Life,

Capt Don