Monday, September 2, 2013

Ocean City Maryland & Delaware Doormats

 On the road again, heading up the East Coast, final destination.... Ocean City, Maryland. My good friends from Odyssey Batteries have been telling me for years, "Don, you have to come up and film a show in Delaware. Come on up right now! We have great fishing, food and fun waiting for you." So here we are, first stop, the Outer Banks.

 Great chowder in Ocracoke, then on to Hatteras.....

Sunrise in Kitty Hawk..... deep breath..... long over due.

Once we hit Ocean City it was game on for food... 
Fried soft shell sandwich to start things off right !

Spent some time at weigh in for the White Marlin Open... Nice wahoo!

Ok, back to the food.... A couple of steamer pots...
crabs, shrimp, lobster, clams....
God, they were good!

A little fun time parasailing around Ocean City...

Then on to a Delaware sunset.....

Well, there's always time to catch a few bass, right?

Yea man! Chase agrees .

I like it, fishing the night before the shoot.....Nice bass Chase ! 
Not so easy with a broken arm.....

Heading out of Indian River Marina with Capt. Dan from Misdemeanor Charters 
and three anglers ready to catch some fish !

Maggie, Chase, and Noah fished hard all day... 

I love it when the kids get into it, ask questions, 
and learn how to be better fishermen.

There were plenty of Slimy 5's to go around with the flounder and bluefish chewing!

Topped off with this 7.1 lb. Delaware doormat Noah landed ! 

Talk about a happy boat... Everyone caught their fill.

Back at the dock, the local newspaper grabbed a photo
 and a quote from Noah about his big catch. 

Officially 7.1lbs. ... That's one happy angler !

They learn early how to hold fish for the photo. 
I feel so blessed to be able to part of such a special day with awesome new friends! 

Time to head South with a quick stop in Virginia Beach for more local seafood....

                                             I just couldn't stop... One more crab cake please.....

Thanks to my friends Dave, Dick and Jim from Odyssey Batteries for their help and hospitality in creating an awesome memory for three young anglers, not to mention a great Hook the Future episode.
Also, to Capt Dan and Summer from Misdemeanor Charters for putting us on the bite all day!      
Most if all, big Slimy 5's to Maggie, Chase and Noah, all of whom have incredible character and I'm proud to call my friends. I can't wait to come back and do it again!

                                                         Livin' the Salt Life,

                                                              Capt. Don