Friday, June 14, 2013

Crystal River

We're meeting my long time friend, Capt. Billy Henderson from Crystal River, FL calls says, "Site fishing for big black drum has been on fire! You need to grab a couple of kids and get the cameras over here"

So, two days later, We're here we are with Capt Billy and a couple of capable anglers, Drew and Billy, 
leaving the Yankeetown boat ramp in hopes of shooting a great Hook the Future episode. 
This Mercury Powered Carolina Skiff is the perfect boat for the job!

Let's go! What a gorgeus morning! We've got a rising tide, plenty of sun and no wind... 
perfect conditions for sight fishing. Yep, it's gonna' be a good day!

I love this area! I lived twenty minutes from here when I was a kid. 
I was home schooled while we were here, which allowed me to spend a lot of time on the water. 
Many, many great memories took place in Crystal River.

As soon as we got to the bar, we started seeing fish. 
We quickly broke up a few blue crabs, put the baits in the water, and within seconds it was game on.
Hang on to the rod!

A nice double header is a great way to start the day!

   Billy was right. The drum are on fire, and these guys are puttin' them in the boat!
Two at a time!

                                         One after another,  the drum kept coming! "Reel, reel reel, keep him tight!"

Drew pulls another nice drum boat side!

We're field testing the new circle hooks by Trokar, and man they are doing the job today!

Drew releases another healthy Black Drum!

Billy lands a nice one while Drew battles another brute off the bow.

Yea, I'd say we got a pretty good show in the can today......
These guys caught so many,we lost count!

These, fish are tough. Their big vacuum-like mouths are 
perfect for devouring any crustacean they come across.

So we have more than enough fish for a great Hook the Future episode, the crew is worn out, and i'm saying, "Let's get just a few more.."  Sight fishing is so addictive. It's so hard to stop.

What an awesome day, catching fish after fish with good friends in a place that brought back so many great childhood memories! Slimy 5's to Capt Billy Henderson for making it all happen.
We are so blessed to be able to live the life we love....The Salt Life!

Livin' the Salt Life,

Capt Don