Monday, January 9, 2012

171 lb. Wahoo in the Bahamas | World record fish

Ok, where are the pictures?!!?So far I've only heard the rumor and I'm hoping that someone can produce some pics to lay this to rest. Submit your own fishing photos at Salt Life.
From what I can gather, there was a huge Wahoo caught this past week in an area of the Bahamas that is known for big ones. Hopefully someone will come up with some pictures of it soon so we can all drool over it and it doesn't end up like some of the great huge fish Hoax of the past.

The 100lb Mahi Mahi...(Dolphin) click for Spearblog article and other "100lb Mahi pics"

100-lb. Mahi Mahi Dolphin Dorado...

The 2000lb Marlin..... click for story

2000 pound marlin? Doubt it.

And then we come to the monster Wahoo, it is possible. I believe it, I just want to see it. Last year all over the world there were 100+lb ones landed and a few years ago this little guy was landed by a girl who is now known around the world for catching the largest Wahoo ever recorded? 184lbs

Having seen some big Wahoo first hand and put them on the scale to be sure, I think we will all be blown away to see this one if the pics ever come to light.If not... then its just another fish story and we'll just have to all keep trying to find our own monster!

Cameron 119lb Wahoo


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