Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Gray's Visit

As someone who has spent a lifetime on the water as a captain, 
I've been fortunate enough to share in countless memories of 
great catches.  Nothing brings back the memory of that special
 day like having the memory immortalized on your wall. No company
 in the world has mounted more memories than Gray's Taxidermy.  

I had the chance recently to take a behind the scenes tour to 
witness the art of taxidermy first hand.  It all starts with the
 molds, and Gray's has the largest collection of quality molds in 
the world. 

You should see the mold for a grander bluefin...

I was blown away by the sheer number of mounts being made in the
 factory. Sharks and billfish of every species, all shapes and 
sizes, hanging from the ceiling at every turn.  

To me what really sets these guys apart is the quality of the finished product.

The finished product is truly a work of art.  The people that paint 
these fish pay attention to every small detail, matching a 
fisherman's photo scale for scale.  

We saw wall mounts, head mounts,
 side mounts, vertical mounts, they even make the hottest miniature
 mounts for tournament trophies.  

From flying fish to the biggest blue marlin I've ever seen, 
Gray's Taxidermy has it all.  What an 
eye opening tour... 
It was too windy to fish today, but the second it lays down we'll
 be out there trying to catch our next trophy to order from Gray's 
Livin the Salt Life
Capt Don