Thursday, November 10, 2011


Put the new bay boat on the trailer and headed out of Jax towards Sanibel. Finally made it, just in time to catch a West coast sunset- a little something different for an East coast boy. What a nice change.

The next morning it was time to find some fish. One of my main sponsors asked me to come down to host three anglers for an inshore tournament. Only one day to pre-fish, no pressure....

Water levels were low and visibility was bad, not the best conditions to chase reds across the flats. We ran 20 miles North to Charlotte Harbor. After spending the morning drifting over miles of flats with no results- my girlfriend and I decided to change the plan and just have some fun. We ran out of Boca Grande Pass and saw
schools of Spanish and Jacks crashing baits across the surface. We quickly tied on a couple of MirroLure top waters and for the next hour, had all the action we could handle.

We decided to anchor up close to shore and take a dip. Man, that salt water feels good. The boat doesn't look bad from the waterline either.

These beaches are famous for a variety of shells, so we decided to take a look. We weren't disappointed- I don't know all the names of every shell, but they were all cool, we even found an intact sand dollar.

After another swim back to the boat we decided to run on the outside home. Feeling the breeze and watching the birds...

On tournament day, my crew decided they wanted to just have fun, and not necessarily go after the win. So we did! The fish were chewing, and they weren't picky. Top waters, spoons, twitch baits, all caught fish. After sight fishing all day, the mission of fun was definitely accomplished.

Long day of fishing- time to put the boat on the trailer and head North. We have the Full of Bull tomorrow and 5 hours of road ahead. Lots to do...
Oh yeah, we won the tournament too...
Livin the Salt Life.

Slimy 5's,

Capt Don

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