Friday, February 3, 2012

Gulf of Mexico Lionfish | Spearfishing

Yesterday Feb 2, 2012 I was free diving in 65 ft of water 15 miles out of johns pass on Madiera Beach, FL on a spot I've been diving the last 10 years and I saw this lion fish hanging out on a rock. Since these species of fish do not belong in the Gulf of Mexico, I felt obligated to shoot it. I also heard they were good to eat, so we took him back to dock and filleted him. Unfortunately one of the filets got snagged right off the grill by a hungry seagull so we only got to sample one of the filets. To our surprise the lion fish was actually pretty tasty. If anyone of my readers happen to see a lion fish while they're spear fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, I encourage you to eradicate them because they are not native to our Gulf waters and are an invasive species. Dive safe!

Tight Lines,

Capt Dane Karcher!

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