Friday, March 9, 2012

SaltLife front page of Yahoo news!

This video was just on the front page on Yahoo! How amazing is that?
This footage was shot while we were in Fiji this year and the Dogtooth Tuna footage is now my most famous footage so I'm really excited and to be in the video as well! I'll happily ride the coattails of Mark any day. Pretty awesome and shows the difference when a professional film crew puts videos together what is possible. Now we can work on a video for our Dogtooth tuna fishing shirt. Ha!

Healey is an animal but one of the most well spoken guys out there. Insane video, huge coverage for the sport of Spearfishing and SaltLife as well to be right there in front of millions. This is the kind of media coverage we need! I know I should have combed my hair but its good to see the SALTLIFE in a couple of frames on here!


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