Monday, August 20, 2012

Fight Like a Girl Benefit!

Salt Life will be holding a benefit to raise money for Logan Willey on August 22nd, starting 5p.m. at the Salt Life Food Shack

Learn more about Logan and the cancer she is fighting:

Cervical cancer is a type of cancer that starts in the cervix and can spread to other parts of the body, like most cancers. Cervical cancer is the third most common type of cancer in the world. It develops slowly, so it is usually found in the beginning stages and can usually be treated. You can get cervical cancer from several different things, such as: HPV, STDs, weak immune system and of course through heredity (like myself). The signs that you have the disease vary, so ladies keep yourselves informed, and get regular visits to your Obgyn.

Once you are diagnosed with having cervical cancer your doctor will do staging to figure out how serious it is. If you catch it in the first stages then there are several ways to remover the tumor with many complications. Some of these include the LEEP surgery, lazier therapy and cryotherapy. However if your cancer has developed further then you have to have an abrasive procedure or surgery (which usually makes it so that you can never have children). Another option is to do chemotherapy, and/or radiation therapy. I am only 21 yrs old right now and my mom was told she was never going to be able to have kids, yet here I am. 

I will not take the risk, so I am electing to do a combination of external radiation therapy and Cisplatin for chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is administered through a vein and has the highest rate of success to decrease cancer cells. Side effects include everything from vomiting to hair and taste lost. But it's worth it. I've been told I may not lose my hair because of my scalp therapy and because of the low dosage i'm going to be given daily. I will be okay if I take all the necessary steps to get rid of it. I will however have to take off work and change some of my daily lifestyle while undergoing treatment. I am starting treatment in the beginning of September at the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, New York. With all funds raised then I will be paying for my treatment. Any other money raised will be donated to the National Cervical Cancer Coalition, For more information on this organization visits: By wearing my band your showing help, love, and support- thank you for that!
-Logan Willey

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