Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tican Rodeo & Horse Parade

So we're in Quepos, Costa Rica, doing our usual Hook the Future deal, when my friend Jerry from Luna Tours says, "You guys have to come to the Rodeo in Paquita tonight as my guests, we have a big VIP section... trust me it will be an experience you won't soon forget!" How could we pass up an invitation like that!

So we head back to the Best Western Kamuk to find the streets shut down for the parade of horses....
Dancing horses!

Pretty cool when you're watching a parade of Horses in Costa Rica and run into a Hook the Future star from our first season riding by!

Jerry was right... what an experience! At the rodeos in Costa, the entertainment begins after the rider is thrown, when the spectators are allowed to jump in the ring and taunt the bull.... Wow!
Add in the best food and the best seats in the house thanks to Luna Tours.... what a night!
Thanks, Jerry! You were right... what an experience!
Livin' the Salt Life.....

Capt Don

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