Monday, October 24, 2011

Costa 2

Waves crashing on the beach from a building swell, traveling all the way across the Pacific... A fresh cup of Tican coffee, "Si, con leche, por favor." there is nothing like waking up in Costa. A couple hours in the water, now it's time to check in with old friends. This part of Costa Rica is like home away from home for me. There are things here I always have to cross off my list when I get here: Caliche's tuna poke in Jaco, smoothies, fresh fried chicken, pastries, coffee, rice and beans, diving, surfing, fishing.... So what's next? After hearing about it from two friends that have lived there for over twenty years, I decided I had to check out some secret local waterfalls. Armed with a detailed hand drawn map (if you ever get Tican directions, you know they might not be entirely accurate, everyone just assumes you will get there. "Just keep going... don't be scared of the road, Don" seems to accompany most of the directions) we set off in search of the waterfalls. After saying "is this it?" 50 times, we pulled into a driveway. We knew we needed to pay the lady to park in her yard, turns out the price is double for gringos. She points out into the cow field and went back inside. We turned and followed the trail to a fork.... One side was a road, the other a cow trail. We stood there for a few moments looking lost. > "Have you guys been here before? Are you going to the waterfalls?". We turn around and I see a blond girl in a bikini and cowboy hat. She says "You can follow us to the waterfalls." It felt like I was in that scene from "Turistas." but we didn't know where we were going, so we decided to chance it and follow her and her friends. > "It's too muddy for flip flops, take them off, watch out for cow patties and the spiky plants." she points out the local plant that reacts to movement by wilting and growing razor sharp spikes. After a mile and a half of twisting trails and every terrain, we finally get to the waterfalls. A beautiful three tiered waterfall with deep pools in the middle of nowhere, all to ourselves.

Gotta love Costa...Slimy 5's,

Capt Don

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