Monday, October 24, 2011


Finally, my plane lands in San Jose, Costa Rica. Bags, check. Rental car, check. Over the mountains to the Pacific Central. Anytime you have someone new in Costa on the road to Jaco you have to make a stop at the croc bridge. Even though it's the start of the rainy season and the water was high, there were still a few monster crocs around, hanging out on the bank.

Oh yeah, one more thing before we hit the road again- a fresh, chilled coconut. They chopped the top off with a machete and stuck in a straw, 1,000 colones, now onto the beach.
Note to Self: There is something about being in a Tican rental car with full coverage insurance that might lead to slightly more aggressive driving behavior. We were headed to Los Suenos, but after that flight I had to see some salt water, so we stopped by the beach, just to take a look. Next stop is Wishbone's for a huge bowl of tuna poke....After a good night's sleep it's time to fish! We met my good friend Capt Dana Thomas on the "Hoo's Your Daddy" at Los Suenos Marina with all our gear ready for a new adventure! Something about pulling out of Los Suenos... it's one of those "no where in the world" kinda' places....We've shot quite a few episodes over the years with Dana. Big sails, Marlin, triple tail, tuna, deep dropping... but today was all about just having fun and fishing. Our anglers Joshua and are ready! We jigged some runners and put the lines out by the island of Tortuga... It wasn't long before we had a nice Roosterfish boat side!
Over the next couple of hours... nice sized cero mackeral and jacks kept the lines tight.
Capt Dana suggested we take a break and head to Tortuga for some fresh ocean oysters... An older guy in a small panga pulls along boat side and begins to prepare fresh ceviche in the shell...Good Stuff! I can still taste them... (gotta' get back there!)

After a short swim and stroll on the island it was time to climb back abourd the Hoo's your Daddy and head home. Good day of fishing with old and new friends in kind of day....Livin the Salt Life...

Slimy 5's,

Capt Don

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