Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Find the best surfing spots

Surf's up! We're always looking for the best surfing spots at Salt Life, so we wanted to create a resource for the community to find prime surf spots too.

Here are a few of our top picks for surfing:

Gold Coast (Australia)
If you ever get a chance to head Down Under, be sure to check out Snapper Rocks. It has some of the best surfing conditions we've ever seen.
Surfing the Gold Coast
Manasquan Inlet (New Jersey)
One of the best surf spots in the Northeast lies in New Jersey. We'd love to see "Snooki"take on this Jersey Shore.
Surfing in New Jersey
Reef Road (Florida)
There's a deep history lesson here about the relationship between surfers and the residents in and around Palm Beach. We won't get into it, but this area is more than just a temple for giant swells.
Surfing in Florida
Waikiki (Hawaii)
With waves topping out at 20 feet, this is a top surf spot for pros and surf fanatics.
Surfing and paddleboarding in Hawaii

Malibu Beach (California)
A great surfing beach for pros, amateurs and surfing fans.

Surfing Malibu Beach
Keep in mind we've only outlined a few of our favorite spots. There are plenty more across America and the world (Outer Banks of North Carolina provide some fun swells and, of course, the giant walls of South Africa).

Live the surf life and shop surfing gear at www.saltlife.com/surf.  Share your best surfing photos at our surfing Flickr photo page.

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