Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Last time I checked in with everyone, I was headed to The Boom in Nicaragua to do some surfing with a few of my friends.  The first day we got there, it was breaking overhead and we all caught some really good waves.  The second day the waves stayed consistent, everyone was really stoked and having a great time surfing together. 

On the third day, the tide was messed up and the waves weren’t good so we decided to go to the marina down the way from where our hotel was.  We brought a few fishing rods down there with us to try and catch some snook. R.T. caught a nice snook, and we brought it back to our hotel so I could fillet it and we could eat it.

When we woke up on the fourth day we decided to paddle out even though the conditions hadn’t improved but we had run out of things to do.  On my very first wave of the day, I fell and when I did the fin from my board slammed into my shin causing it to cut my leg down to the bone.  I didn’t realize how bad it was till I got out of the water and could see the bone in my leg.  I had to be taken to the hospital that was an hour away to get stitches.  I decided to end my trip early after that since I could no longer surf, and I flew home the next morning. 

I wasn’t able to do much for a few days when I got back to the United States, and all I could think about was Swordfishing.  After a few days, the pain went down enough and I was able to wrap up my leg good enough to head out to the sword grounds.  On our first drop we got tight and hooked a 450 pound sword that we landed two hours later.  The same day we caught two other swordfish that weighed around 150 pounds each. 

I was really happy my first day back out Swordfishing was a success after having to leave my surf trip early.  I took the next day off to sleep but was ready to go again after that.  I headed out early for some daytime Swordfishing and ended up landing an even bigger sword, this time it was over 500 pounds.  So, even though my surf trip was cut short, having such good days Swordfishing helped make up for it.

Capt. George Cheshier

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