Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bahamas with the Girls | Beautiful Bahamas photos

Breezy and her Brother Chad have grown up running across to Walkers, West End, and all the islands of the Bahamas so in essence this was their playground and always will be.
This was Jenn's first trip to West End and she's getting the hang of our lifestyle pretty quickly. Pick up clothes for the beach at Salt Life.
No matter how many times you walk out on the beach, dive beneath the waves, drop in on a bit of whitewater, or soak a line, if you live the way we do, you look at the world with the same childlike awe as if it was the first time.

It never gets old, never take it for granted and appreciate every second you have. There are so many little details in our SaltLife that while aren't going to fill magazines pages or break world records, fill our hearts and minds with stories and memories that get us through until we can enjoy it once again.

Having Jennifer with me makes me appreciate it even more, whether she is just humoring my excitement at every little change in the ocean and the smallest of creatures, she is there with me smiling and laughing and enjoying it as if she found another treasure.
And that is what it is, every day on the water, in this life, what I'm feeling is as if I've lucked into the best life. The only one I ever want. The Salt Life. Click here to see more beautiful Bahamas photos.

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