Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bahamas Underwater World in Pictures

It is absolutely criminal to consider going to the Bahamas and not getting in the water.
There is so much beneath the surface and so many colors and life that begs to be revealed.
With the closest Islands less than 60 miles from the South Florida Coast each calm weekend in summer finds boats by the dozen heading for the crystalline aquariums that are the natural coral reefs off the small islands.

On this diving trip I spent a lot of the time with the camera and with the advantage of a single breath of air was able to turn the underwater world into my own petting zoo. Here are some of the little guys we were able to play with.

83 Florida Spiny Lobster ready for anything as long as it isn't the lobster pot
78 This is what greets you if you reach into a hole to get the aforementioned Spiny lobster, a legitimate Sea Urchin Spine that will leave your hands throbbing and a quick invite from your best friends to pee on it to make it feel better.... It just got weird.
87 She's a keeper! and there is a lobster under that rock too...
124 Peacock Flounder. Incredible camouflage, spectacular designs and purple.

154 Big Nurse Shark. This one let me hang out with him for almost an hour. Even hand feeding a hogfish that had been bitten in half by another shark. Such a cool experience and there is nothing I enjoy more than being near any animal underwater and touching them is just a bonus.

185 Staghorn Coral. This spot Jenn has deemed the Aquarium and is one of favorite places to snorkel in the world. The numbers of fish and excitement there is overwhelming.

Live the Salt Life!!!!!

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