Thursday, January 26, 2012

Salt Life Gifts | Fishing for Christmas

Christmas shopping was easy this year.....what new Salt Life shirts do the boys want? Nothing is more fun and exciting than watching children land fish....their eyes wild...the sound of the drag.....hearing their is perhaps our most favorite past time, and a passion we share equally with exuberance. As a matter of fact, my oldest sons first word was, believe it or not, "plecostomus"...we spent many a day reading out of the fish encyclopedia.

"Awwwww!!!! Yes!!!!! Salt Life shirts, I heard my sons exclaim as they opened their Christmas gifts. Both ran to their rooms to hang their shirts in designated areas within their closets. That next weekend fishing was that much better with the boys and their shirts....In a mothers eyes there is a lot more to fishing than's a time to spend making lifetime memories. The boys wear their Salt Life shirts to school, to fish, to name it they do it in their "Salt Life's". My kids were born with the ocean in their blood, and while they think their sports brand apparel is cool, there is nothing that compares to their favorite ocean/fishing gear.

Once a child has found a lifelong hobby it shapes and creates a unique individual. Many of the best people I have ever met are people who love and respect the great outdoors. An outdoorsmen is one who contributes to society on so many different levels. My kids get very angry when they see someone litter....when they see and recognize the ignorance of waste..and if they can observe this at an early age, they will be environmental advocates when they are adults. While only a parent sees this aspect of it when his/her child is still young, the child sees how amazing he looks and feels while he is catching fish wearing his favorite clothes!!

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