Monday, April 9, 2012

Bottom Fishing in Tarpon Springs

This week we're in Tarpon Springs... What a unique place! A famous sponge diving port back in the day, Tarpon Springs gives you the feel of "Old Florida". Good people, great food and atmosphere.... just a cool place.

My good friend, Pat Bennet, has been fishing these water for a long time and offered to put us on the fish anytime, So here we are! Pat is also the founder of E-Searider Marine seating. If you've never ridden in an E-searider, you're missing out! It's simply the most comfortable ride on the water! Their marine bean bags come in many shapes and models and fit every body type, so if you're tired of getting beat up on the ride out, give them a try. You'll thank me later.

Our plan was to film a Hook the Future episode chasing Red Grouper and Snapper with Pat's help,and have experienced bottom fishermen, Morgan and Austin as our anglers. We trailerd my Edgewater, the "Miss my Boy", from Jacksonville to Tarpon Springs arriving around 11pm the night before departure. Around midnight, I get a phone call telling me one of my best friends was in a life threatening car accident. Needless to say, we didn't get much sleep and my mind wasn't on fishing.

Conrad, our cameraman had driven over, hard plans had been made, and kids would be disappointed if we bailed on the trip. On top of that, I know my friend would have said. "take the kids fishing" .

So the next morning, we pull the trigger and meet Pat and the kids at ramp, launch the boat and we're heading out on a flat calm Gulf. I told Pat we had been up half the night worried about my buddy and I was gonna' throw it all on him. With that I turned over the wheel and plopped on my E-searider and crashed.

First stop...We caught fish on almost every drop! All Red Grouper. After twenty or so, we made a move.

Next spot.. More Red Grouper. Using C&H Alien Jigs, and Fishbites as bait, Morgan and Austin just kept reeling them in... these two are fishing machines!

We make another move and start catching good sized Red Snapper. Even though it was all catch and release due to the current closures and regulations, we had a great day on the water!

We got another great Hook the Future episode in the can, and more importantly created a new bond with a couple of special fishermen, that they will never forget. Slimy 5's to my friend Pat Bennett for going the extra mile and putting us on the fish. It's good to have friends who also live the Salt Life everyday!

Slimy 5's,

Capt Don

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