Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Another trip to my favorite place ... Costa Rica!
 Land in San Jose, grab the rental car and head West for the Sunset.... just in time!
There's just something about a Tican Sunset.....

 no surf at Bajuco.............
But my girlfriend found plenty of sand dollars and shells to make it a fun morning!
                               Incoming tide, black sand, palm trees... but still no waves....

All the locals were checking out the line up.....still no waves.
 Time to load up and head South to Quepos.
We reach our destination in Quepos, the view from the balcony at the Best Western Kamuck...
You can do everything Costa Rica has to offer except for visit a museum and a Volcano with in minutes of Quepos...... 
My friends at the Mira Olas Restuarant treated me right on my Birthday....
but they had to make a big cake to hold all the candles....
and yes, we ate it all!
God it was good!
Just kicking back today.... no work, no deadlines, no worries... just Salt Life!
Great day on the beach to recharge for Hook the Future offshore tomorrow.

The weathers not looking so good, but we're goin' anyway!
 Heading to Marina Pez Vela for a day trip with my friends from Luna Tours.
It didn't take long before we had a nice dorado in the box!

Now this is what I live for billfish going nuts.....

Another big Pacific Sail!
Our anglers Walkiria and David rocked filming a great Hook the Future episode today!

Team work on a healthy realease!

The afternoon view from Mira Olas after a great day on the water with new friends.

Fresh snapper fried whole at the Mira Olas! Good stuff!
What a way to top off another Tican adventure....
Livin' the Salt Life,
Capt Don

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