Friday, May 31, 2013

Palm Coast

Finally, We're here! Palm Coast, Florida fishing with my friend Capt Chris Hererra. Palm Coast has an awesome inshore fishery and we are here with my buddies Max and Chad to catch as many specieas as we can. 

After an early morning launch, it's time to lower the Motor Guide and get to work!

These guys are ready! It sure didn't take long. As soon as we got on the spot, 
Chad and Max started putting fish in the boat.

For the next 45 minutes, these guys caught everything that swam by.... 
Blue fish, Black Drum, Trout and Sea Bass! It was game on!

Chad anxiously awaiting the next strike.

A small puupy drum......... Nice catch!

At the next stop it was Flounder, Lady fish and Jacks.
Smile for the camera..... and fix your hat.

Lady fish make great redfish bait, as Chad soon found out!

My hand is sore from so many Slimy 5's today!

Max and Chad caught 9 species of fish, a big sting ray and even a turtle today! Like I said if it swam by, they caught it. Big Slimy 5's to my buddy Capt Chris Hererra for not only putting us on the fish but his positive attitude and kid friendly fishing techniques as well.
If you make it down to Bing's Landing in Palm Coast to fish with Chris, make sure you include a meal at his place Captain's BBQ, Bait & Tackle at Bing's Landing They have great Bar-B-Q and some of the best cheescake I've ever tasted!
Livin' the Salt Life in Palm Coast,

Capt Don

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