Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nosara, Costa Rica Sailfish

Nosara, Costa Rica. One of those places I just keep coming back to. A good friend of mine came down here surfing 20 years ago, and decided to set up shop. He has awesome accommodations at Nosara Paradise Rentals with surf right out of your backdoor and world class fishing everyday...

How could I say no to this invitation? 
We are here to shoot a couple of Hook The Future episodes, this trip was a little different. Since Christmas, when my girlfriend won a raffle prize of a 100 inch fish mount of her choice from Gray's Taxidermy, she has been on a mission to catch a big fish.  So we decided to arrive a few days ahead of our anglers to make that happen.  
After a good night's rest, we woke up to the howler monkeys before daylight.  Grabbed a cup of coffee, went next door to grab Conrad- but he's been up for a half hour and is already in the lineup.  That's the only thing about Nosara, fish, surf, dive- its all good... Sometimes it's hard to makeup your mind.  After a quick session, we are finally loading the panga on the beach, which we ride out to the Wanderer, moored in the bay.

There is nothing like heading out in the Pacific, watching the mountains fade on the horizon, as the water turns deeper blue.  

On the way out, we ran across a huge school of spinner dolphins, gathering for a morning hunt. You see a lot of things out in the open ocean, but spinner dolphins take your breath away... Talk about an amazing animal.  I'm barely resisting the urge to jump in and play, trying to stay focused on the mission at hand.  

Tuna follow dolphin....
Billfish eat tuna...
Hmmmm... Let's put the baits out.
Within minutes, fish on! 

Rebecca grabs the rod and sets for battle. After a few minutes, multiple jumps, and lots of "oooooos" and "aaaaaahhs"
We have her first sailfish boat side.

Since we were having fun, it seemed like a good idea to jump in and play around.  
After swimming away from the boat and releasing the sail, he turned and swam right back to the camera. 

Everybody on board is ready for more, and within no time, sails 2, 3, and 4 were landed. 

Even Conrad and myself got in on the action. 

Each time you jump in the water and encounter each fish, it's always a rush, and they all seem to react just a little different.  

We've had a great day, although close, still no 100 inch fish...

Then bam! The sail of the day, on the right rigger.  The team jumps into action with Rebecca on the rod.

The fish of the day, certainly put up the fight of the day, jumping, sounding, but he just couldn't throw that hook.
Now this is a big sail... 104" a trophy in anyone's book.

After a quick swim and release, it's time to head back to port. 

Just before mooring the boat, Rebecca takes her traditional plunge, after landing her first billfish...
Good times
Great day
Salt Life
From Nosara,
Capt Don

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