Monday, November 14, 2011


Being a kiteboarder means that you live and die by the wind. Living on the Gulf Coast for the past five years that was decent wind but consistency wasn't always there. To make up for it you have a couple options, fish, wakeboard, paddleboard, or endulge in a couple Rum Drinks to pass the time. When your feinding for a good kite session and the winds not there sometimes you have no choice but to chase it. One of my closest friends and main mentors in Kiting is Billy Parker from Saint Pete, Florida. BP is always down to chase some wind or hit up the boat or the cable parks to get in a wakeboard session. This is a little video Bill and I shot over a weekend of riding between Tampa, Saint Pete, and Islamorada. The video was filmed by Bill and I as we hit up McCormick's Cable Park in Tampa, Revolution Cable Park in Fort Meyers, and the flats out in Islamorada. This was one of our first video's playing with Go Pro's and shows some unique POV shots that are tough to get without being out riding next to someone. Thanks to The Otherside Boardsports in Islamorada for putting us up and taking care of my dog Bongo when we're on the water! Enjoy the vid

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