Monday, November 14, 2011

Handrail w/ Jeff Doran: Behind the shot

I've been spending a lot of time down in Islamorada this year at The Otherside Boardsports Shop. We've been doing alot of work building moldular features used for wakeboarding and kiteboarding. I was down in December and while I was in the shop I got introduced to a mutual friend by the name of Jeff Doran. He is an extremely talented photographer and artist from Savannah, Georgia and was down visiting some family in the keys. We got to talking one night about different shot ideas for kiting and how the pull of the kite allows for a much more diverse style of pictures. Sometimes when the wind isn't strong enough or you just don't feel like staying up wind its fun to cruise down the coastline and hitch hike back or try and catch a ride from some friends. On one of my last downwinders from Whale Harbour to Anne's Beach in Islamorada I came up to the sea wall at an anonymous restaurant in Islamorada and noticed a short hand rail coming down the sea wall onto the flats. I decided to swing into it a couple times and managed to stall on the very top of the rail and even transfer from the windward rail to the leeward which was definitely a bit sketchy. Later that night Jeff and I were sharing a couple beers when I told him about the handrail and he started busting my chops that we should just go hit it right now since he had all his camera gear in his truck. I decided to go for it and hopped straight into the water in my Salt Life baggies and a Flanel (it was pretty chilly). I hit it about a dozen times and came out with some killer shots that ended up getting a full page center fold in Kiteboarding Magazine. Here's one of the shots from the session. Thanks again Jeff for making me charge it and killing it behind the lens!

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