Monday, November 14, 2011

France Road Trip

I've done a couple trips Kiting oversea's but never had a chance to go with a group of friends with the intentions of just filming, kiting, and wakeboarding as much as possible. This year myself, Sean Reyngoudt, and Alex Fox decided to head over to France to meet up with our French buddy and Videographer Benoit Paillard. Ben works for Stance Magazine and wanted to shoot a 30+ minute video part for the Magazine's DVD that they release with every issue. We flew into Paris and traveled all the way down the coast to a town called Barcares where we competed in an event called the Slider Party. The adventure was one of the most fun kite trips I've ever been on and our buddies over at Filibuster Films threw together a couple minute teaser as a promotion for the Trip and the DVD that will soon becoming out from Here's the link to the video and follow my buddies on twitter @Fox727 @SeanReyngoudt and @StancePlanet Enjoy!

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