Monday, August 27, 2012

A Break In The Keys

It's time to hit the road and shoot some new Hook The Future episodes. Our new Mercury powered Carolina Skiff is loaded for every kind of nearshore fish you can think of, first stop- Marathon. Some friends of ours have been there for a week, catching lobster and grouper every day. With an open invite to come down and tickle some lobsters with their kids, how could we say no? We arrive on the last day of their stay, load the dive gear, and hit it. High southeast winds made the Atlantic off limits, so we decide to run a few miles in the gulf to areas the crew had bugged before.

 We arrived to the first spot, Max says he wants to show me how it's done. Flag up, gear on, and over the side we go. As we approach the rock, we see three sets of tentacles poking from under the ledge.  

Working as a team, we try to put the two nets over the lobster's escape routes as Max begins to work the tickle stick. The first lobster slips past the net, desperately reach for him, grabbing a tentacle, which the lobster quickly breaks off, shooting backwards, straight into Donny's hands, which were waiting like a catcher's mitt.


But he's a short. Now Max is determined, he reaches behind a nice lobster, gently tapping his tail, causing him to spring straight into the net. perfect! Now that is the way you do it...

 Over the next few hours, Max, Layne, &Chad all got their chances. Wading through many shorts, we called the trip due to approaching storms, with five keepers on board.  

What an awesome day! How many grown men get a chance to feel like a kid underwater, playing around in the Keys?

Time to go catch the sunset-

 Livin the Salt Life, Keys-style

Slimy 5's

Capt Don

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