Friday, August 31, 2012

Punta Gorda Tarpon

Day 2, filming at Burnt Store Marina in Punta Gorda, FL. Man, am I looking forward to getting out on the water today! We are fishing with Capt Bo Johnson for big tarpon. I met Bo years ago while fishing tournaments, talk about a salty guy, Bo's done it all... Redfish tournaments, tarpon tournaments, madfin shark tournaments...
By the way, in each arena- he won. 
Everyone knows about the tarpon fishing in nearby Boca Grande Pass, and the daylight beach fishery, but tarpon fishing can be just as good, if not better- deep in the sound. We meet up with Bo & today's anglers Hunter & Kylie and get set up on the spot. We are using chunks of huge mullet on a 10/0 eagle claw Trokar circle hook, soaked on the bottom. What a beautiful morning! The only ripples on the water, are from the dozens of tarpon gulping around us. Kylie & Hunter are Bo's kids, and we are looking forward to sharing a special day on the water. Within minutes, a 150lb class tarpon goes airborn. The sound of his explosive landing turned the silence on the boat to excitement in an instant. Game on! Everyone scurries into position- as Hunter sets in to battle the fish of his life.

If you've never been tarpon fishing, it is no easy task to land a silver king of this size. We are in for a marathon. The fish tries everything to come unbuttoned- he jumps, he sounds, he screams drag, but with each maneuver Hunter counters like a pro. Thirty minutes into the fight, the fish is showing no signs of tiring. Bo is constantly giving Hunter experienced advice, which Hunter is following word for word.

When fighting any fish, specially tarpon, you can do everything right, and still lose the fish. The next half hour, Hunter started to feel the pain, but to his credit, he hung tight. 
The boat fills with nervous anticipation, as the fish was rolling so close, but just far enough from the boat to avoid being landed. Finally, after over an hour long fight, Hunter lands the monster tarpon of his dreams. 

Kylie's turn!
We jump fish number two
Number three
Number four....
But just couldn't stay connected.
Then BAM, an 100lb class fish grabs Kylie's bait and peels off the drag.
Kylie's no stranger to tarpon, she's done it many times before. After multiple jumps and a 45 minute fight, we gently leader Kylie's fish. Another nice tarpon!

Listening to my salty friend Bo, get a little choked up with pride, talking about the memories of the
day with his kids.....It just doesn't get much better! 
Another great Hook The Future episode in the can. This is what the Salt Life is all about!

Slimy 5's

Capt Don

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