Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Burnt Store Snookin'

It's always hard to leave the Keys, but knowing you have good friends, on fish, with excited kids, and another small slice of Paradise- sure makes it a lot easier.
It's 7:30am, we launch the Carolina Skiff at Burnt Store Marina, in Punta Gorda, FL. It's time for another Hook The Future episode. The crew is hoping for a good day, and I know it's about to happen. We are on the way to meet my good friends, Capt Matt Haag and Capt Danny Latham. When I talked to Matt last night, he said, "take it easy, have breakfast at the marina- we will have the kids and catch bait, and we will be catching fish by the time you pull out of the marina." 
 Before we even get out of the marina channel- I hear Matt yell "Get over here, we're on them!"

We make our way over to find Matt and Danny chumming a huge school of snook with white bait. Fish were busting everywhere, there must have been hundreds of them. We quickly grab our anglers, Lexie & Kaden, get the mics on them, bait up the rods, and get to fishing.  
 First cast, BAM, snook on!

And again, BAM, double header! 

Lexie & Kaden were ready, these guys know how to fish!
 And so it continued for the next hour and a half, as fast as we could get the baits in the water, fish on! I asked Kaden, "How many fish do you think we've caught?"
He said, "I have NO idea!"
You know it's a good day when you lose count in the first hour of fishing...
Lets get your bait back out there and catch another one.



Again, as soon as it hit the water- bobber down! This time, there was no snook leaping in the air.... Kaden's drag starts peeling, and in short order, he has the first redfish of the day boat side.

Making lifetime memories with old friends on a hot bite in a great destination....
Livin the Salt Life in Punta Gorda.

Slimy 5's

Capt Don

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