Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jigging for Wahoo in the Bahamas

My friend and I were trolling about fifteen mile offshore of Powell Key when we came on a giant weed line. As we passed by, we had several Dolphin strikes and caught one fifteen pounder. The water was so clear that it was hard to get strikes on big game lures. We pulled up to the weed line and caught several Jacks on jigs. We then cut up the jacks and started chumming for the Dolphin. The action was steady. We caught about 20 fish and released all small Dolphin. While gaffing on of the Dolphin I saw a Wahoo swimming down about a hundred foot below the boat. I had heard about Jigging for Wahoo on the West Coast but never had an opportunity to try my luck on the east coast. I pulled out a Shamino Butterfly jig rigged with 80 lb. Fluorocarbon and dropped it down about two hundred feet. I made about two good jerks and hooked a nice Wahoo. Unfortunately it bit off the lure rigged with mono. We searched around and found one piece of number seven wire. We divided it in half and dropped two jigs at a time. To our amazement we caught a Wahoo on every drop. Most fish were very small and were released. Some of the small Wahoo were bit in half on the way up by larger Wahoo. We did catch several over twenty pounds and they were grilled the same night. There was a lot of life under the weed line and I could not resist jumping over to get a few shots. Here are a couple of photos taken under the weed line. The water depth was five thousand feet.

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