Thursday, October 20, 2011

Salt Life in the Bahamas

originally posted on 8/23/2011

Last Friday, we woke up at 5:00 a.m. to get the boat ready and head over to Bimini for my Girlfriends birthday. I couldn’t wait to get over there to do some diving and fishing. The wahoo bite doesn’t pick up for about two more months so we were planning on doing some deep dropping, bottom fishing, and diving. We wanted to go diving right when we got there and bottom fish later that night once it got dark. After we checked into customs we went right out front for some lobsters. We ended up getting a lot of lobsters, some strawberry grouper, and hogfish.

Later that night once it got dark we anchored up in front of south Bimini and put out our chum. We started catching a lot of yellowtail and school master snappers. Right before we were about to head in for the night, one of the rods started pulling line pretty hard and it turned out to be a nice black grouper.

The next morning I woke up everyone early so we could run over to cat for some better free diving and deep dropping. I took us to a spot I like to go to for Hog fish that’s around 30 feet deep. We all jumped in with our spears to get some fish. I ended up spearing 5 hogs, 1 black grouper, some lobster, some School Masters and of course a few lion fish.

My girlfriend got to spear her first fish, which was a Hog and she even ended up getting another one later on in the day. My other buddies ended up with some flounder, hogs, and lobsters. After free diving for around three hours we decided we were tired and headed back to Bimini.

On Sunday when we woke up we packed up our stuff, checked out of our room and began the cross back over to Florida. We planned to look for stuff floating on the way home and see what we could catch. My buddy Adam rode on top of the T- top so he could look for floating debris. The first thing he spotted was a wooden crate. He jumped down from the T-top to try and catch a Wahoo on a vertical jig and sure enough first cast down he hooked up to one. After catching the Wahoo, we did a few more trolls by the crate but didn’t catch anything else. We decided to keep going and find something else. The next thing Adam spotted was a nice size tree branch. As soon as we pulled up I saw a nice size triple tail, I decided to spear it from the boat. I hit it dead on for a nice head shot. After catching the triple tail we decided to head home, we barely had any ice left and we thought we had a nice variety of fish to bring home.

Now I am packing my stuff getting ready to leave tonight to go to Nicaragua to go live the SALT LIFE in another way and hopefully catch some nice waves.

Captain George Cheshier

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