Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Freediving class part 1 | Learning from world-record divers

This past week I had the pleasure of joining some good friends and meeting some new ones as well at the Perfomance Freediving Class in Miami, Florida.

If you want to dive deeper, stay down longer, and dive safer this is the class for you. It doesn't hurt that the classes are taught by World Class Divers who, don't be fooled by their beauty in a wetsuit, have dove deeper than most of us ever will and can do it under pressure of competition - not just spearing mutton and gag grouper.

I had great expectations coming in to the class but was a bit worried as I had spent the previous 5 weeks working out very little with no diving and would have preferred to have been in better physical shape.
Well, I should have worked out harder as the crew we had in our class had a bunch of awesome people including 3 guys that had done some professional Standup paddling.

From the get go, the class was professional and as we got to know everyone in the classroom we all became attentive students with our three world Record Holders Erin Magee, Ashley Futral, and Grant Hogan who are all freakishly talented and well versed in the details of the sport that would become our drug for the next four days.

If you haven't checked into the class and are a freediver and spearfisherman, I can assure you there is nothing more important than learning the safety and physiology presented there. It will save your life and your friends in the coming years and be money well spent.

Over the next couple days I'll take you through what I got out of the class and how it has changed how I approach the sport of Freedive Spearfishing.

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