Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Airplane Wreck Found off Jupiter Florida!?!?

Have any of you all seen this one? Supposedly this one was "found" in the past couple of days. I am guessing that like most wrecks and secret spots they have just not been shared with the world and instead remain untouched and little honey holes for Divers in the know.
click here for Airplane Wreck Off Jupiter Video and Story

Have any of you all seen this wreck before off Jupiter Florida? Who gets the spoiler alert for blowing this to the world?
I seriously doubt there is anything more than a two feet high that has not been marked by fisherman or divers within 4-6 miles off of South Florida.
And by the way, any dive captain that drops me in 185 feet in a "random" spot is not my buddy. If I'm going to make a dive that deep, it better be right on the spot because I'm not going to look just for the hell of it at those kind of depths.
Very cool. My questions is where the hell are the Warsaw Groupers? I think they must have left that part out of it.
Well my question was quickly answered when Pirate Dave sent me a message telling me a bit more about the dive when they found the wreck sorting out a bit of the mystery:
I was apart of the team that found it. It happened to be lying in an area where there is a ledge between 160-185. We happened to drop directly on it. Did get a nice snouted hog and a 30lb gag. It was just quoted as “random” because the captain didn’t know it was there. I wanted to pop my warsaw cherry. It didnt happen. Not one warsaw. Those were the only two fish on the wreck the first time we dove it. It was deep enough to hold the shutter down on the camera we brought down.
Very cool! All of us can only hope to one day find something like this! Thanks for the email Dave and hope to see some more video in the future from this wreck!

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  1. Your question about the Warsaw Groupers that are the species of fish.These are mostly found in united states.

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