Thursday, January 5, 2012

Transworld Surf Magazine Dive and Surf Dream Trip

Just got the report from my buddy Justin Cote who along with some spearing and surfing buddies just did a really enviable trip down the coast from San Diego to the islands and some of the best waves and pinnacles on their way to Mexico. I did my best to at least get invited but alas I surf like a three legged donkey and therefor am not very photo worthy.
They crushed it though and there will be a spread in the upcoming Transworld Surf. Here is Justin's report from the Transworld webpage. Check it out:
Baja By Boat
A rag tag band of hired guns ventures into Baja in search of waves, fish, and fun.
Like a lot of great adventures, this one began on a barstool. I’d gotten word that an old friend, Cary Dodson from Success Sportfishing, was taking his 58-foot boat, the Success, from its mooring in San Diego to their winter fishing grounds near Magdalena Bay—a 600 mile journey south. Instantly I thought of the amazing surf and spearfishing you could discover along the way. I brought the idea of surf/dive trip up to Cary and he was pumped. “I’ve always wanted to do something like that,” he said over a happy hour beer. “The potential is limitless.” Over the course of a the next few months we’d meet at the same bar and check out nautical charts and plot a course that would, in theory, put us into some decent surf and really good spearfishing...
For more photos and a few GoPro clips of the boys shooting wahoo and a dorado click on this link:

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