Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year! Time to clean house and get rid of some photos.
I simply have too many.
Back in the good ol' days when cameras used film and before the soul of photography was highjacked by Photoshop and the digital age, you took only a few photos and you made them count when you did.
Sadly, the art of single photo has been tarnished a bit but not lost. I myself have fallen, or should I say climbed, onto the digital bandwagon and find myself sifting through hundreds of pictures at the end of a trip and then have to battle with deleting only the best.
The difference between GOOD photographers, and you and I, is that single shot. That skill it takes to come home with 100 great pics out of 400.
The 1/4 rule is what I'm aspiring to.
That goal... is still a ways out, for now, I resign to spending hours on end dumping thousands of megabites of photos that will be never seen again to save place on my computer for ones that matter.
Well I'm going to start dumping them here for your enjoyment, photographers rarely share the ones that suck, they only want you to see the fantastic ones, the photoshopped, cropped, color corrected and sorted out from 100 crappy ones.
Here's the ones that aren't making the cut: This week, Mark Healey and his big Dogtooth Tuna from our trip. The fish was a monster but these pics are going in the bin...
1. "This is Marks big doggie from the videos, not a bad pair to take home after a long day on the water
2. "Yeah just not feeling it. bad angle, light etc..
3. "Yeah just a cluster. Sun in your face...
4. "This one of Mark and Jaga is pretty cool but this was the lesser of the two I shot like this and had to go. Stoke that this fish brought to the trip was amazing. The guys that just got back from there saw some in the 200lb class so I hope to get back to visit them soon...
5. "Another kind of cool one but its headed for the trash. "
6. "Mark Healey is full of shit. He's leaning back looking like he's straining on this big Dogtooth Tuna but in actuality I think he was trying to get his hair situated just so... Nah just kidding, he's actually just a weakling"

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